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Hi! My name is Sir Harold, but my family and friends call me Harry for short. In my old age, I was dumped in a parking lot and left to fend for myself. But lucky for me, a good Samaritan picked me up and brought me to Lab Rescue. And that’s how my furever family found me. In August of 2014, I came to live with my mom, dad and fursister Jazz. I’m basically king of the house now, they even gave me my own throne as you can see in my picture! I love my whole family, but I’m Read More...

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Hey folks it’s me Cooper. I’m the chocolate bundle of joy in this photo. I was blessed to join my furever family on October 3, 2013 after I was rescued through Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida. I had a sad start to life after being abandoned in a backyard where my previous owners tethered me to a tree without any hope. I forget how long I was there but I was really sick and lucky for me a neighbor had heard my cries for help and called LRROF. After being rescued I had a few scary days because I was Read More...

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In late January 2016, I was picked up as an injured stray by Miami-Dade Animal Services in The Redlands in South Florida. It was not known if I would survive due to the extreme nature of my injuries. It was suspected that I might have been used as a bait dog and discarded. No one will ever know for sure what happened to me prior to that day, but my life changed forever.

Even with all of my injuries, the wonderful people at LRROF recognized that I was amazing and that I was worth saving. I began six weeks of Read More...

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When we are asked how we picked the name Tucker, we tell people that Tucker picked the name himself. He was adopted as “Scout” in November 2014 after being hours away from euthanization at the Ocala shelter due to heartworm. He didn’t seem like a Scout and would not respond to it. We spent the first night home with him going down the list of top 100 dog names. “Hey Buddy, Hey Max!,” but still no response. When I said, “Hey Tucker” he picked up his head, cocked his ears, and happily walked right over to me for an ear Read More...

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In Early 2005 we took a drive to Groveland to meet a two year old lab named Cinder who would enter our world and steal our hearts! We were searching for a yellow (golden) lab but she arrived chocolate! Our girl is now 13 and while it’s possible she may have been the runt of the litter, she came with a heart of gold, and bestows that love on everyone she meets. She has taught us many lessons over the years and we feel blessed to share life with this beautiful lab! LRROF, we thank you for rescuing her and Read More...

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Sierra is one of the four pups rescued by boat after Tropical Storm Debby flooded parts of the Tampa Bay area in 2012. At the time of her rescue Sierra had ear mites and coccidia, but her LRROF foster mom did a great job nursing her back to health until I found her. Now 4 years-old, Sierra still isn’t a big fan of the water, but she loves to take long walks, sunbathe and nap on the couch. I’m so grateful to LRROF for helping me find my fur-ever best friend.

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Hi, my name is Tess! My mom calls me her “Little Conch” because I am a Key West girl. She tells me that it was love at first sight when my photo appeared on the LRROF website..thus was the beginning of my new life with my forever family. I love when my mom tells me the story of how we met so I’ll share it with you too as it is my favorite story. When mom saw my picture, she and dad knew I was “the one.” Mom talked to my foster dad, Rob, and great things began to happen. Read More...

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It was love at first photo for us. Katie was in a rural shelter, had been used for breeding and was heart worm positive. We knew we had to save her and make her part of our family. The rest they say is history. She entered our lives as if she had been there forever. She stole our hearts with those extra dark black eyes. She loves her new four legged lab brother, three feline companions and two Chinese Pekin Ducks (yes, a retriever who can walk right beside a couple of ducks and not want to “retrieve”.) Katie was Read More...

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Hello everyone! My name is Charlie. I am a handsome 7 year old puppy. I was adopted from LRRoF in November 2015. My Mom and Dad tell me that I was the very first dog that they looked at. They knew right away I would be a perfect fit. I love my family very much so I protect them from the evil lizards that are hiding out in the back yard. As payment, my parents spoil me with good boy treats and long walks around my neighborhood. When I am not on lizard duty, I like to hang out on Read More...

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We lost our 13.5 year old lab to cancer 2 years ago. She was all of our best friend and it was the hardest day of our life. We fostered (with another lab rescue) after loosing her but we just weren’t ready to have one of our own yet but hated the empty house. We were finally ready to adopt after a little over a year and that is when we met, Odin. It was love at first sight, being fosters ourselves, it was strange to adopt a dog we had never met before and knew nothing about his personality. Read More...

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Hi! I’m Jack and I was adopted into my forever home in July 2016. At 14 months old, I had already been surrendered to LRROF twice and had some bad experiences with owners not wanting me around. When I was adopted, my life changed. Bev Berdine paired me with my person and we are each other’s best buds, a perfect match. I love to do anything active and meet new people, especially kids. I enjoy going places in the car and have a great time watching football games at restaurants around town. I love the water and am an awesome Read More...

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Hi. My name is Lizzy and I feel like Cinderella. I was picked up on the streets of Ft. Lauderdale the summer of 2012. I weighed 35 pounds. I was placed in the loving care of Candace Hillier and her husband but couldn’t keep any food down, had pneumonia and was not expected to live. After nine months I was ready for adoption. It was difficult to find me the right home because I was very afraid of people. In March 2013, I found my furever home with my new Mom and my three 4-legged siblings, all rescues. Kallie, the Read More...

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As a disabled veteran, who has found himself back in Afghanistan for the 6th time, stress becomes a part of every day, and I don’t mean eustress either. Its the type of stress that comes from knowing that today could be the very day
I; well, let’s say, the day that my lovely family dreads! However, one would think that time spent home would be a good release of that bad stress but it really isn’t. It helps, but, their are always underline stressors that persist. That all disappears the very moment you look into the eyes of our adopted Read More...

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Hello, my name is Lucky, and there are many good reasons why that name is appropriate. You see, I was left tied to a tree behind an abandoned house without food or water for longer than I care to remember.

Fortunately for me, or should I say “Lucky”, someone called animal control to report a “dead” dog behind an abandoned house sometime in late summer of 2015. I don’t know how long I was there, but pictures of me show shin and bones and they say I weighed about 35 pounds when they found me.

I was taken to veterinarians

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Meet Daisey, the Lab who stole our hearts. Five years ago, before coming to us, Daisey spent most of her time living outside on a concrete patio. She ate low-quality dog food and was missing a lot of fur. We had been looking for a yellow lab for about a month when Cindy with LRROF found Daisey on Craigslist. It was love at first sight! I remember giving her mass amounts of rotisserie chicken in exchange for cuddles. We changed her food, brought her on lots of walks and spent a bit of time playing fetch with a tennis ball. Read More...

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Patrick was our second foster with LRRoF. He had been found tied up, starving and FILTHY. When he first came to us we were almost afraid to touch him, he was so pitifully skinny. After his first Meet & Greet – where he behaved beautifully – it was apparent to us all that this beautiful boy was ours and needed to be adopted into our family! He’s helped to foster twenty more Labbies and helped them learn “the ropes” including how to play, and watched them leave for their “forever” homes.
Ten years later, Patrick continues to be a joy, Read More...

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Roxy (formerly Rosie)

Roxy, our beach and surfer girl, came to us just 4 weeks ago from her wonderful foster family in New Port Richey. We originally went there to meet a totally different dog. However, we saw this gorgeous and thoughtful face staring at us through the sliding glass door, almost willing us to look at her and let her in to see us. When the door opened, she flew across the floor and jumped into our laps. She had chosen us, and the decision was made. She appears to be half yellow lab and half Golden Retriever. She was initially extremely Read More...

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Hank came to us about six months ago. Our family has had two Labs for over twenty years and last summer our old fella, Luke, passed at 15 years. His passing left our five year old yellow, Angus, sad and lonely and we felt the absence of two Labbies running around, chasing each other. As a tribute to Luke, the family decided we would adopt a rescue in Luke’s memory even though we’ve always raised our guys from pups. We found the Lab Rescue site and there was another Luke, a handsome chocolate boy looking for a home. We must Read More...

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Hi! My name is Finnegan. All my friends call me Finn. After my Mom lost her last lab to cancer she was absolutely heart broken. It took her 2 years to decide to get another dog. Mom had never rescued a dog, but thankfully she took a chance and that is where our story begins. I was dropped off on the highway in Miami and somebody spotted me in the middle of the night and took me to a shelter where they put me in an outside kennel until it opened the next morning and the staff found me. I Read More...

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My name is Minnie. I am nine years young. Recently, I put this towel on my head to make my human dad smile when he was very sad, and he told me I saved him! This past August my adopted sister Gracie, a 14-year-old Golden Retriever, got very sick and she had to cross the Rainbow Bridge. She was kind of my dad’s baby and had lived with my family since she was a tiny puppy. Well, being the Velcro dog that I am, I stuck to my dad 24/7 and wouldn’t let him get too sad. I made sure Read More...

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Mandy has blessed my life for over eight years. Her name when I met her was Julia, but it just did not seem to fit. She had endured a great deal in her short life. We instantly connected at her foster home and I knew that she deserved a new name to go with her fresh start. So, I decided to name her after the Barry Manilow song. The lyric, “you came and you gave without taking” described her perfectly. Since her adoption, she has had an impact on the lives of my family, friends, and neighbors. After owning Mandy Read More...

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Our sweet Nina is so much more than a family pet! She’s embraced and excelled in her important roles as a big sister, little sister, kind neighbor, confidant, snuggle bunny, and kissing bandit. Just when we think we know everything about her, she reveals more of her peaceful and calm contentment. When neighborhood children and younger pups seek her out with excitement, Nina gracefully and gently accepts the attention and affection. She struts during walks and snores during naps. From us and from Nina, a huge “thank you” to Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida for
uniting us. Welcoming Nina into

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It had been almost 5 years since our last dog. A lab, of course. So LRROF was our clear choice. Suzanne brought Mobi over for a visit and it was love at first sight. We couldn’t have asked for better dog for our family and can’t imagine our home without him. Mobi is amazingly energetic for a 10 year old lab. He plays fetch, tug of war and swims like he is still 4. Thank you to all at LRROF for what you do. A special thanks to “aunt” Suzanne who still takes Mobi on sleepovers when we occasionally have

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Ella came into our lives a little over a year ago. My wife and I are both retired, and our daughter adopted her from LRROF, but eventually employment changes kept her from properly caring for her.We love Labradors and have a big yard with a pool and the rest is history. She is our constant companion, our shadow, and sweet Ella is the best thing to happen in our 50 years together.

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Duke joined our family in January of 2015. He had been flown in by LLROF on a Cessna from Arkansas and was originally called Earl. We changed his name but love everything about him! He came to us through Camp Bow wow as they were fostering him at the time in Jacksonville. We took one look at the handsome face and it was love at first site. He is currently living the life with our frenchie Gizmo chasing squirrels and lizards in the back yard.

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Hi, I’m Shadow and I’m 4 yrs old. Mommy adopted me on 1/17/16 from Kim Horton, my foster mom who lives in Jacksonville. When mommy saw me, she immediately fell in love with me because of my puppy face, sad eyes, long ears, shiny black coat and my sweet personality. While I was with my foster mom, I was treated for heart worms and pneumonia. She took really good care of me. I was surrendered to LRRoF because I had heart worms and I needed treatment and I was also underweight. At some point in my life, I was hit Read More...

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Lacey My Beloved Friend – Labrador Rescue Journal Entry
I adopted Lacey from Labrador Retriever Rescue on July 7, 2009. She was 5 years old at that time. Her first 5 years was spent as a breeder dog, what a rough life it must have been. When the breeder had no use for her any more they gave her to Lab Rescue.
Lacey actually adopted me. When I went to the foster home to meet and greet several labs, the first one I met was Lacey. She placed her head on my lap and it was love at first sight. Read More...

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Miranda,now 9 yrs old,became part of our family in 2014. She had exceptionally large mammary glands suggesting many litters of puppies, and an extended time in foster care due to heart worm. We believe when her puppy making days were over she was taken to the shelter. Initially apprehensive and a bit shy actually,it didn’t take long for her to realize we were her forever family. She is now playful and confident, but her most endearing quality is her patience. She never complains. She gets up when we do, whatever the time,and is content even if her meals are a Read More...

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We visited Lilly at her Foster Parent’s (Danielle & Brian) in January 2016. We fell in love with her at first sight. She LOVES playing ball and will certainly let you know when she wants to play, by dropping the ball at our feet and waiting patiently with a little bark to get our attention. We love Lilly and are blessed to have her in our family.

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Foster Failure #3…….what more can I say? Isabella was brought into rescue as a pup with Parvo along with her sister. After days of being in isolation and almost dying, she was finally well enough to go to her temporary foster home with Debbie, who took very good care of her until she was able to travel to me. She was very timid and scared at first but came out her shell after several months. At that point I had already fallen in love. She is now “Queen Bee” of our pack. She loves being outside chasing anything that moves. Read More...

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Almost three years ago we received the phone call from Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida that there was chocolate lab just being released from the animal hospital that was 30 pounds under weight, needed meds and a lot of TLC before he can find a forever home in a few months. Without saying a word, my three kids assigned duties to feed, bathe, walk and play with him. We may have nursed him back to health, but I think he really rescued our hearts. Cocoa has given us so much love and appreciation. We are what they call, a foster Read More...

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We rescued Tucker in 2011 from Florida Lab rescue out of Tampa. He is a 12 year old chocolate male that shares our home with his brother another Black male Lab named Rocky. We just love both of them but Tucker likes to hide from us under our big oak tree and hides in the mulch and plants. We really have to look hard to find him. He just loves it in there.

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Hi I’m Maverick! My foster mom and I were the perfect match. Within 24 hours of taking me in she understood I was no ordinary Lab. I was a strong-willed pup with a rebellious streak to say the least. An animal lover to the core, she stuck with me through months of dog training—which I must say I mastered beautifully. Yes, I have some redeeming qualities too. I happen to be above average in the charm department, hence how I landed my forever home with her. Now we’re living the good life thanks to LRROF!

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Jett, (FNA) Blackie, came into our lives in 2012. We saw his video on the website, drove to New Port Richey to see him and of course we couldn’t resist. He hopped into our car and very calmly sat in the backseat for the long ride back to Bradenton just like he had been ours from the start. He is Mr. Social, loves our cats and his long walks in the park greeting all the other dogs. We were recently given a Lab puppy and he is helping us raise her. He is the absolute best, we would be lost Read More...

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Our fur baby is Brandy. We were told by our Veterinary Clinic that she is a fox red lab. She came to us several years ago on the day she was to be euthanized in Georgia. We fell in love with her sweet personality and loving demeanor. She had heart worm and was required to be fostered until she recovered. She had been abused and had trauma to her left ear. We soon realized that she was a fierce ball player and had been taught manners on her journey to us. She now has another rescued lab, Nelly, to play Read More...

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Rocky Weeks

I saw Rocky on the Lab web site. He was listed as “Extra Large” I was very interested because I had mastiffs before. Another couple had first choice at him. They had to pass because he was to big and strong. We grabbed him. We love him. He is so spoiled.

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Hi, my name is Sheila and I love to sit in the yard and just take everything in! My Mommy saw my picture on my LRROF foster’s Facebook page and had to meet me. Well, I had crooked teeth, no tail and an old tattered ball I couldn’t part with. But I don’t think any of that really mattered ’cause she couldn’t wait to adopt me! So Mommy’s best friend took a two hour drive with me and delivered me to my furever home in Fort Lauderdale. Mommy says my smile gives me character. She always makes sure to get Read More...

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We covered most of the state to find each other!! I found Bowie through the Labrador Retriever of Florida web site. He was taken off the streets of Tallahassee and put in a kennel, where LRF rescued him and put him in a foster home in Daytona. I had an interview at my home with a local LRF representative, and two weeks later, I drove from West Palm Beach to Daytona to meet Bowie at a LRF 4th of July event by the beach, and we hit it off. Because I had upcoming travel, I asked the LRF rep if Read More...

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We adopted Geo three years ago after a 5 second meet and greet. We had no information on his background or temperament, but the bond between us was immediate and mutual. Geo was severely distressed and paranoid – any motion or sudden noise put him into fear mode – classic tail between the legs. He did not know what grass was, and was unable to chew toys since his teeth were worn and broken. However, once he reached his new home, he started to adapt into a loyal, patient, and friendly member of our family. He loves to go for Read More...

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