In late January 2016, I was picked up as an injured stray by Miami-Dade Animal Services in The Redlands in South Florida. It was not known if I would survive due to the extreme nature of my injuries. It was suspected that I might have been used as a bait dog and discarded. No one will ever know for sure what happened to me prior to that day, but my life changed forever.

Even with all of my injuries, the wonderful people at LRROF recognized that I was amazing and that I was worth saving. I began six weeks of medical treatments at a veterinary practice partnered with LRROF to repair the injuries to my legs, head, face, and ears. It was here that I was given the name “Comp”.

By March 2016, I had recovered enough to be placed in a foster home. I joined a loving foster family where I continued to physically and emotionally heal. While I was here it became apparent that I deserved a more fitting name given the fight I had fought to overcome my injuries. That is when I became known as “Champ”.

During recuperation, I suffered a setback that required another surgery. The next day following surgery I met a family with a 13 year old black lab, Belle, that was to become my forever family. Because I was still healing, I remained with my foster family for two more weeks. At long last, on April 23rd I was ready to go to my forever home and begin my new life as “Stetson”!

Even though on occasion I still have nightmares, the love and security my new family gives me have allowed me to heal and come out a survivor. I have learned to trust again and realize that there are still good people in this world. My new family is continuously amazed by my progress and remarks how gentle a soul I am after all that I have been through.

My life and my world have been forever changed thanks to the efforts of LRROF and my forever family. I could not be happier! I am the poster dog for “saving one dog will not change the world, but for that one dog, the world will be forever changed.”

Thanks LRROF!