Hey folks it’s me Cooper. I’m the chocolate bundle of joy in this photo. I was blessed to join my furever family on October 3, 2013 after I was rescued through Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida. I had a sad start to life after being abandoned in a backyard where my previous owners tethered me to a tree without any hope. I forget how long I was there but I was really sick and lucky for me a neighbor had heard my cries for help and called LRROF. After being rescued I had a few scary days because I was severely underweight at only 28 pounds but once I started to eat and get yummy food I got better. Since being rescued I have had all the love I need to make a full recovery and even help other rescued pups. Since being adopted I got my family to be full time volunteers for LRROF and you can see me on our social media a lot as I do home visits which my Mama says is our way to pay it forward. I’m a goofy guy that blends into the chocolate colored sofa which is where I love to take my long naps. At night time I prefer to sleep right on my Mama’s pillow with her as my other fur siblings are all piled into bed too. She is really attached to me and I know I’m her favorite but don’t tell the rest. When I was adopted I got an awesome labrador brother named Tucker who since has taught me how to play like a normal pup and we love to tumble and dig in our big fenced in yard. I get really excited about riding in my Daddy’s truck and going to get sloppy puppy ice creams which I like to spill all over his seats when he treats me. I go for boat rides and swim widely with my brothers we have a rescued beagle too his name is Hunter. I play so hard every day until my tongue is hanging out of my mouth and I can’t keep my eyes open any longer. I am so happy! I have got the best life I could ever have dreamt of and it’s all because of LRROF and my wonderful family. Thank you!